About Us 

Here in our large 10,000 ft square workshop, we make use of a large range of specialist equipment and facilities such as our CNC machine and large paint frame. We can take your design from the model and initial drawings, through to the construction and transformation into a final working product.


The nature of our industry demands a creative, flexible approach towards the build and as such we love a challenge and can tackle projects of any scale.


Scenic Art

Our in house team of Scenic Artists will realise your designs using a range of scenic painting techniques, cloths, sculpture work and props.



Using various metals and techniques our team of engineers fabricate a range of elements, from structural flattage frames to flown pieces and bepoke, often intricate, structures in a safe and practical way to help bring your vision to life.



Our Carpentry department can create anything from impressive theatrical structures and furniture, to everyday theatrical flats. Using a wide selection of tools, including our CNC machine, a broad range of possibilities can be realised.